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Choosing the Right Knee High Boots For Winter

As winter gets nearer, it’s time to look for stylish knee high boots that can complement to your outfit. Even if the weather is cold, you can still look fashionable. Knee-high boots are ideal for the winter season since it can keep your calves and feet warmer. In choosing the right knee high boots, you should choose something that can complement your legs. Additionally, it should be able to accommodate your winter outfit and accessories.

If you are a petite woman then choose a style that can lengthen your legs and increase your height. Choose solid colors since they can make your legs look longer. Wedge heels can likewise increase your height. Be sure that they are comfortable for walking during the winter season. The length should only be just above the knee. Don’t choose boots that have buckles or decorations placed horizontally. This can make your legs look shorter.

Most often taller women favor low heels or flat boots during the winter season. These women look great with slim designs that are bulkier towards the bottom. Slouch boots are also perfect for taller women since it can look like it has more depth.

If you have wide legs then you should not choose tight boots that zip up. This is because your flesh will be pushed on top, making your legs look wider. The best boots for you are those that have adjustable buckles. Embellishments at the ankle can also draw the attention downward, making your legs look slimmer. Boots with dark colors can also make your legs look slimmer. You can also choose boots which have a similar width from the knee to the ankle and has stocky heels.

Leather knee-high boots can be worn in the office. This is also a great match for a winter dress. For casual events, wear knee-high boots that have bold colors and includes embellishments. Be sure that there is enough room in the shaft for zipping the boots especially when you are wearing skinny jeans.

With the right fit, most boots can just slide on and off. They can be worn daily or for a night out. There are numerous boots that are extremely versatile. In fact, they can match perfectly with various outfits. For a trendy look, you can match it with leggings or short skirt. For a conservative look, match it with slacks. Whichever way you want to wear it, you can always find a pair of knee-high boots that can inspire you. There are a lot of styles that are available at Stuart Weitzman.

In order to find a lovely pair of knee-high boots, you should first determine the accurate size of your feet. In measuring your feet, it’s best to do it at night. During the day, your feet become larger, especially in the afternoon. Before measuring your feet, wear the socks that you intend to use. This can guarantee that you’ll get a comfortable fit. Sit down properly and place your foot on a sheet of paper. Use a pencil in tracing your foot.

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